Face Masks for Schools

Funky Face Mask are a trusted commercial partner of the Boarding Schools Association (BSA) supporting their ‘Covid-Safe Charter’.

Let us help your staff and students stay safe with our range of face masks for schools:

Do schools need to supply face masks to students?

With students returning to schools soon, it’s important that we all follow the Government’s advice around social distancing.

We understand going back to school or work during a pandemic can be scary; and sometimes students will need a little extra peace of mind so they can focus on their education.

Government advice is that students displaying symptoms must wear masks, however this could lead to individuals being singled out in a school setting, which is why we recommend all schools take up masks as a mandatory part of their post-lockdown uniform. All BSA member schools which have adopted the BSA Covid-Safe Charter are allowing all pupils and staff to wear face coverings or masks.

Having masks as part of your post-lockdown uniform has a number of other benefits:

How can I get masks to my students?

Many schools we work with prefer to order a suitable quantity of masks for their students and staff (we recommend 5 per student for weekly washing) and distribute via the school. However, for schools that want to make the delivery of masks even easier; Funky Face Mask can provide a custom online store where parents, students and staff can order online for home or school delivery.

Customised online face mask store

What types of face masks are available for schools?

Funky Face Mask offer three types of mask, each offering a unique level of customisability and protection

Custom Polyester Face Mask

The Custom Polyester Face Mask by Funky Face Mask is our most popular and lowest cost choice. Provide your own design for the full mask, or we can produce a design for you at no extra cost. The Polyester mask is a low-cost and effective way to make your organisation stand out.

Key Features

Nano Zinc Face Mask

For extra protection and improved comfort our Nano-Zinc face masks are a great option.  You can place your logo or design on the corners of the mask and wearers benefit from dual layer filtration, extra comfort and excellent breathability

Key Features

Premium Bamboo Face Mask

Our water-repellant cotton bamboo face masks offer a super comfortable and eco-friendly mask for businesses and organisations of all sizes. With a micropolyster layer for quick drying and odour protection, Nylon for stretch and improved fitment and cotton bamboo for its water repellant properties, the bamboo face mask from Funky Face Mask is our highest quality choice

Key Features

Frequently Asked Questions about face masks for schools

Are masks mandatory for schools?

Government advice is constantly being updated but at the time of writing, Masks are not mandatory, however individual schools may choose to make masks a mandatory part of their post-lockdown uniform.

Masks also provide a number of benefits, including peace of mind for your students and parents, a better protected student body and control over the mask designs your students wear should they choose to.

All BSA member schools which have adopted the BSA Covid-Safe Charter confirm that they will comply with all government rules and guidance and will meet a number of requirements when boarding reopens*. This includes allowing pupils and staff to wear face coverings or masks.

What are other countries doing about masks in schools?

Different countries are adopting different approaches to wearing masks in schools.

France have made the wearing of masks in schools mandatory. Click here to read the BBC News article

Do Masks provide any additional protection?

At the time of writing the best way to prevent the spread of the virus is social distancing, by keeping at least 2 metres away from each other.

Masks protect those around the person wearing them, by having all staff and students wearing a mask you stand a better chance of avoiding the spread of the virus than just social distancing alone.

How many masks does a student need?

Our masks are hand-washable and can be reused for up to 60 days. 

It is advised that student should change thier masks daily at a minimum, or more frequently based on the schools own risk assessment or if Government guidance or BSA guidance changes.

We recommended that each student should have a between 3-5 masks each, dependant on your laundry cycle.

Can we control the design of our masks?

With Funky Face Mask, Yes! You have complete control over the design of the masks we supply if you choose our Polyester Face Masks, with our Premium options you can choose the colour and place a small design or emblem on the side of the mask.

What guidance can we provide parents on how their children should wear and maintain their masks?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has a really helpful guide on how to wear a face mask that can be found here.

Funky Face Mask will also provide your school with a helpful PDF guide you can send to students, staff and parents on how to clean, wear and when to replace your mask.

* In the case of any discrepancy, protocols from official government bodies take precedence

If you need any additional advice or information about Face Masks, please do contact us.

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